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Our Strategic Plan

A strategic plan serves as the guiding force that keeps an institution aligned with its mission, propels its vision forward, and upholds its core values. Developed in tandem with our business plan, the AOD Aviation Academy's strategic plan (2023-2028) delineates key focuses and critical tasks, meticulously aligned with seven strategic pillars. This comprehensive plan received endorsement from our esteemed Board of Trustees in February 2023.

Our strategic plan is a manifestation of our strengths and a catalyst for our ambitions. As we navigate toward the predefined milestones, AOD Aviation Academy is poised to be an innovative and collaborative hub for work, learning, and growth.


Strategic Pillars



Tracking Progress


In March and October of each year, our Board of Trustees is presented with updates on the status of our strategic initiatives, along with ongoing assessments of critical task benchmarks. The Board plays a pivotal role in endorsing an annual budget associated with each goal outlined in the Strategic Plan.

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Secure the Certificate of Agreement from the CCAA

The alignment of norms and recommended practices from ICAO Annex 1 (e.g.: Doc 9841) with EASA standards (147 & 66), Cameroonian MINT (1548), and CCAA regulations (119) is crucial for approval, encompassing continuous courses offered by the Academy.

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Development of an Internship Program

Structured learning environment supervised by experienced professionals, aimed at enhancing students' understanding of real-world applications in aircraft maintenance (in an approved MRO145). 

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Launch of the AOD Aviation Academy Campus Project

Securing the land, completing the architecture, and mobilizing funding for the AOD Aviation Academy Campus Project. The successful execution of these steps ensures the physical realization of the campus project, providing a conducive and modern environment for learning and training in aviation-related disciplines.

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Launch of the Academic Year

Successful initiation of the 2023-2024 cohort, marked by a 3-week Prep Program. Concurrent activities include the recruitment of local staff and instructors, as well as comprehensive efforts in marketing, communication, and student enrolments.

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Initiation of Future-Year Planning with Increased Enrollments

Strategic planning and marketing efforts to accommodate a higher number of students in the coming academic years. This includes developing a marketing plan, expanding outreach, enhancing program offerings, and implementing enrollment strategies to attract and accommodate a growing student population.

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Preparation of Maintenance Facilities and Equipment

The tools needed for aircraft maintenance includes foundational tools like basic hand tools for CAT A, general hand tools and specialized equipment for aircraft systems for CAT B1, and avionics-focused tools such as test equipment and soldering tools for CAT B2.

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Establishment of a Robust Placement Program

Creating a comprehensive program to facilitate the successful placement of students in relevant employment opportunities upon completion of their learning programs. This includes establishing partnerships with industry players, developing a clear placement process, and actively assisting students in securing job placements. The program aims to enhance students' employability and contribute to their successful entry into the workforce.

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