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Learner Placement Program 

Unlock Your Aviation Career with AOD Connect

In the dynamic world of aviation, opportunities await skilled technicians, mechanics, and engineers. Across MRO145s globally, the demand for talent is soaring, and the time is now to embark on a thrilling career journey.


Why Choose AOD Connect?


At AOD Connect, we understand the importance of connecting learners with promising career paths. Our Learner Placement Program is designed to bridge the gap between education and employment. As the aviation industry seeks talented professionals, we've established collaborations with numerous MRO145s worldwide, facilitating seamless placements for our students.

Key Features:


  1. Global Network: AOD Connect has cultivated strong ties with MRO145s around the world. This expansive network opens doors to diverse opportunities for our learners.

  2. Industry-Relevant Training: Our EASA PART 147 and 66 programs are crafted to align with industry demands. We equip our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the competitive aviation landscape.

  3. Placement Assistance: Securing a position in the aviation industry can be challenging. AOD Connect takes pride in offering dedicated support to connect our graduates with companies actively seeking their expertise.

How It Works:
  1. Skills Development: Our comprehensive EASA PART 147 and 66 training programs ensure that learners are equipped with the latest industry-relevant skills.

  2. Networking Opportunities: Through our extensive network, students have the chance to engage with industry professionals, fostering connections that can shape their careers.

  3. Placement Support: AOD Connect acts as a bridge between our graduates and leading MRO145s. We facilitate interviews, provide guidance, and support our learners in making a smooth transition from education to employment.





EASA PART 147 Organisations:


Training Organizations for aircraft maintenance personnel

EASA PART 66 Organisations:


Training Organizations and examinations to individuals seeking certification as aircraft maintenance technicians, mechanics and engineers



Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (EASA PART 145) facilities

Air Forces & Commercial Companies:


Military branches responsible for aerial warfare and national defense.

Airlines and other companies providing services related to air travel

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