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EASA PART 147 Organization

Approved Training Organization (ATO) for aircraft maintenance personnel (technicians, mechanics and engineers) using the standards set by EASA.


EASA PART 66 Organisation

Working with  partners to provide  examination for individuals seeking aircraft maintenance licenses under EASA regulations.

Various Categories


CAT A Certification

Focused on aircraft mechanics and involves the maintenance and repair of non-complex aircraft, such as small general aviation planes.

CAT B1 Certification

Focused on aircraft maintenance engineers and includes the maintenance of aircraft structures, power plants, mechanical systems, and electrical systems.


CAT B2 Certification

Focused on avionics maintenance engineers and encompasses the maintenance of avionics systems, including communication, navigation, radar, and other electronic components.

Other Courses


Continuous Courses

These courses are essential to keep aviation personnel up-to-date with the latest industry standards, regulations, and best practices to ensure safety and efficiency.


Prepa Courses

Preceding the CAT A program, participants engage in a 3-week preparatory course primarily centered around Mathematics, Physics, and English for Aircraft Maintenance.

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