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AOD Aviation Academy: Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance Training

  • AOD Aviation Academy stands as a premier institution dedicated to training aviation technicians, mechanics, and engineers. Located in Cameroon, we proudly hold the distinction of being the first private academy approved by the CCAA for aircraft maintenance training, ensuring compliance with ICAO Annex 1 standards.

  • Our distinguished Academic Program Managers, comprised of seasoned national and foreign Accountable Managers, Training Managers, and Quality Managers, possess extensive expertise in aeronautics and manage EASA PART 147 and 66 organizations. Visionary founders, CEOs, advisors, and partners align AOD's needs with program modules, creating a unique institution. Our committed administration and staff foster an environment conducive to learning and growth.

  • Our instructors, tutors, and speakers, graduates of top aviation universities, are subject matter experts, with EASA-certified instructors guiding the learning process. Former airline employees and Air Force technicians serve as tutors, ensuring the highest quality training. AOD's global perspective and robust international partnerships with EASA-accredited institutions enhance our curriculum, strictly aligned with CCAA and EASA standards. Students, upon EASA certification, benefit from collaborations with institutions in Europe, America, GCC countries, and Asia, solidifying our commitment to delivering a world-class education.

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