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The Civil Aviation Authority of Cameroon (CCAA) has signed the Approved Training Organization (ATO) Certification for AOD Aviation Academy. This certification signifies that AOD Aviation Academy has met the required standards and regulations set by the aviation authority to provide approved training in the field of aviation.

This certification is crucial for aviation training organizations as it demonstrates their compliance with safety, quality, and operational standards established by the civil aviation authority. It adds credibility to the training programs offered by AOD Aviation Academy and assures students that they are receiving education and training that aligns with industry standards.

CCAA and EASA Part-147 Compliance Evaluation

The purpose of the CCAA and EASA Part-147 compliance checklist for the AOD Aviation Academy MTOE (Maintenance Training Organization Exposition) is to ensure that the Academy complies with the regulations and specific requirements of CCAA and EASA Part-147 with regard to aircraft maintenance training. 

The checklist will be routinely utilized by our Quality Manager to verify the academy's adherence to the standards and practices recommended by CCAA and EASA for aircraft maintenance training. 


The main objectives of this checklist are as follows:

  • Conformity Assessment: The checklist is used to assess the extent to which AOD Aviation Academy complies with CCAA and EASA Part-147 regulations.

  • Compliance with EASA Standards: Ensuring that the Academy follows the procedures and standards specific to CCAA and EASA Part-147 with regard to training, instructors and facilities.

  • Verification of Training Quality: The checklist aims to ensure that AOD Aviation Academy provides high-quality training in accordance with CCAA and EASA Part-147 standards.

  • Safety Assurance: Ensuring that training processes and practices contribute to aviation safety by training qualified maintenance technicians.

  • Validation of the Academy: The checklist helps to validate AOD Aviation Academy as a compliant and competent maintenance training organisation under CCAA and EASA regulations.

  • Continuous Improvement: Encourage continuous improvement by identifying areas where adjustments or improvements are needed to maintain training compliance and quality.

  • Preparing for Audits: By following the checklist, AOD Aviation Academy prepares for an inspection or audit by the CCAA, EASA or other inspection bodies, thereby demonstrating its compliance.

  • Demonstrating Excellence: Passing the checklist enables the Academy to demonstrate its commitment to excellence in aviation maintenance training.

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