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AOD Aviation Academy Shuttles

For Students and Staff

Between the City and the Academy

To facilitate the movement of students and staff between the city and the Academy, we are delighted to introduce the AOD Aviation Academy Shuttles.

Our shuttles are designed to provide a convenient and efficient means of travel, ensuring a regular connection between the city and our prestigious Academy. Whether you are a passionate student or a dedicated staff member, our shuttle service aims to make your commutes simpler and more enjoyable.

Benefits of AOD Aviation Academy Shuttles:

  • Reliability: Our shuttles follow regular schedules to ensure reliable and punctual transportation.

  • Comfort: Enjoy a comfortable journey with well-maintained vehicles equipped to meet your needs.

  • Safety: Passenger safety is our priority. Our qualified and experienced drivers ensure safe travels.

  • Accessibility: Shuttle stops are carefully selected to ensure maximum accessibility for students and staff.

  • Community: The shuttles provide a communal space where members of our community can interact and engage in a friendly atmosphere.

No more worries about transportation hassles. Choose AOD Aviation Academy Shuttles, your ideal means of transportation between the city and the Academy. Travel with peace of mind and focus on what truly matters: your exceptional training at AOD Aviation Academy.

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